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The DIORAMA, Minerals Museum

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DIORAMA Einsiedeln

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The DIORAMA – Christmas story plus glittering crystals

Benzingerstrasse 23 is home to two visitor attractions: the Diorama, featuring the world's largest crib, is an experience not to be missed and depicts the Christmas story as described in the Bible. Meanwhile, in the same building, visitors can marvel at sparkling crystals and minerals.

The crib

This presents the Christmas story with the help of over 450 hand-carved, orientally attired figures and a painted background 30 metres in length. The scenes show the proclamation by the angels to the shepherds, the birth of Christ and the arrival of the three kings. Also included is the flight to Egypt. Bethlehem and its surroundings are faithfully reproduced, while the merging of sculptural landscape and painted background give the impression of a vast expanse. The explanations are in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian and Dutch.

Minerals Museum

The Minerals Museum presents over 1,200 minerals from all over the world, ranging from quartz crystals from the Alps to large coloured crystals from South America and China. This collection, assembled by the Einsiedeln physician Adelrich Eberle, is the result of more than 40 years of collecting. One third of it consists of Swiss minerals, with the remaining two thirds sourced from all parts of the world.
A particular attraction is the fluorescence cabinet, in which inconspicuous stones reveal unexpected colours in the presence of UV light.

The DIORAMA is just 5 minutes' walk from Monastery square. They can be visited individually, in combination, or using the Einsiedeln Museum Pass.

Minerals museum
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Minerals museum

Minerals musem
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Prices & Opening hours


Admission to the Diorama and Minerals Museum, per museum:
Adults CHF 6 (Reduction for groups)
Children CHF 3
Combined admission to Diorama and Minerals Museum: CHF 10

Both museums are included in the Einsiedeln Museum Pass.

Opening hours

April to October: daily from 1 - 5 p.m. (Monday closed)
November to January: daily from 1 - 4 p.m. (Monday closed)


Location and contact

DIORAMA Einsiedeln
Benzigerstrasse 23
8840 Einsiedeln
+41 (0)55 412 26 17
im Diorama
Benzigerstrasse 23
8840 Einsiedeln
+41 (0)55 412 26 17