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Abbey library in Einsiedeln Monastery – over 1000 years of history

Klosterführung buchen
Klosterführung buchen
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Stiftsbibliothek im Kloster Einsiedeln

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Stiftsbibliothek im Kloster Einsiedeln

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Stiftsbibliothek im Kloster Einsiedeln


The Abbey Library is characteristic of such institutions and is closely identified with the history of Einsiedeln Monastery. The "Great Library" can be visited as part of a guided tour of the monastery. Housed in an early Rococo-style room, one of the monastery's prized attractions, the library is a cultural asset well worth viewing.

In addition to holy scripture, it consists of a vast stockpile of spiritual and theological knowledge and historical, philosophical, legal, natural scientific and medical resources. The library contains manuscripts and books dating from the 10th century, when the monastery was founded. The current stock comprises some 1,200 manuscripts, 1,100 incunabula and early imprints, and 230,000 printed volumes dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries.


Location and contact

Kloster Einsiedeln
8840 Einsiedeln
+41 (0)55 418 61 11